How to Write an Interesting Essay on Bullying

People often hear about bullying that may take different forms, and it’s especially common in school yards. Once you get an academic assignment that requires you to discuss this subject, it’s important to choose an interesting and unique topic. For example, devote your paper to educating readers on its harmful effects. If you get stuck with fresh ideas for your essay on bullying, answer the following questions:

  • What is bullying all about?
  • What makes bullies do what they do?
  • What are its basic types?

Basic Facts about Bullying

First, you need to define the meaning of bullying. It’s people’s aggressive and unwanted behavior that can have its lasting impression both on bullies and their victims. In most cases, kids who decide to bully others use their popularity, access to specific information, or physical strength against victims to show their personal power. This aggressive behavior is repeated and it encourages bullies to do worse if it’s not stopped. Bullies tend to cause harm to their victims by doing the following:

  • Threatening others;
  • Spreading unwanted rumors;
  • Attacking their victims physically and verbally.

Different Bullying Types

There are different types of bullying these days. Some of them are quire straightforward and easy to identify, while others may leave people wondering whether they’re bullied at all. Consider these basic forms:

  • Physical bullying involves kicking, pushing, hitting, pinching, spitting, braking personal belongings, and shoving;
  • Verbal bullying involves name-calling, teasing, inappropriate sexual comments, and taunting;
  • Social bullying is common in playgrounds and it involves whispering about children in front of them, leaving new kids out of play, not allowing others to be friendly with them, and embarrassing victims in public.

What Makes Bullies Do That?

There’s no single reason why people start bullying others because there are many reasons that contribute to this major problem. For example, children who are bullied by their siblings or friends can turn to bullying innocent victims. Bullies are often the products of overly strict and overly permissive parents. Adult who find it entertaining can also have kids who tend to bully others simply because they don’t think that they do something wrong. In your essay on bullying, you can discuss children who are abused, troubled, or don’t know how to solve their problems because they often turn to this aggressive behavior as a certain form of getting rid of their frustration.

How to Prevent Bullying?

The good news is that bullying is something that people can prevent, and it can be effectively handled by school teachers and parents. Adults should have kids understand this problem and explain that it’s bad. Teachers must be involved in educating children on its harmful effects because the best time to prevent bullying is even before it starts. Modern schools should have strict rules against bullying and punish bullies. Teaching kids to handle bullies is another effective way to prevent further issues as bullies often get away with this behavior simply because they can. When they understand that they can’t get away with it, they will stop doing that. Sometimes, this method may not work, so all children should be encouraged and advised to consider outside assistance before bullying escalates.

Good Recommendation on Writing a Winning Essay

If you want to devote your academic paper to bullying and its effects, realize that they are quite harmful and negative, and it’s really hard to find even one positive effect. To start with, bullying is something that some students must face quite early in their lives. The worst part is that there’s no escape from it, and victims often face it in their primary school. They can tell you a lot about how bullying change their lives, so when writing your essay on bullying, there are important things that should be considered.

The Importance of Talking to People

Make your academic paper survey-based to earn higher scores. This method will help you learn more things about this subject because people often talk about bullying differently, and most of their personal experiences are variegated. When looking for make your essay winning, ask people the following things:

  • How did they face bullying in their childhood?
  • Did they report it to their parents or school teachers?
  • How did they take it first?
  • Did they want to combat it?
  • How did their friends react to it?
  • When did they have to undergo bullying?

The more you talk to others, the more you learn about bullying and how people take it. For instance, you can invite some victims to hold their detailed discussion and gather a lot of valuable information for your academic paper.

Describing Different Effects to the Audience

There are different effects of bullying, and it’s hard to learn about it, unless you talk to some victims. Talk to others about its negative effects and consider these basic things:

  • The effects of bullying on parents;
  • Its effects on young minds;
  • Everything that happens to people who are bullied in the future.

Consider the effects that bullying has on perpetrators’ minds because they are as dangerous as they are on victims. Try to explore this interesting angle in your paper, but be sure to understand it first.

Highlighting the Worst Effects of Cyber Bullying

Most people understand that bullying is completely wrong because it has no beneficial purpose at all. Hitting others makes bullies feel good in the moment, while it causes a lot of harm to people who are victimized. Nowadays, people have a number of available opportunities for cyber bullying, including tweeting slanderous messages, posting fake pages, sending crude images, and so on. It’s a new form of bullying, and it keeps growing each day. What are its negative effects? It can change the personality of victims and cause people who are happy and confident to become shy, unsure, and self-conscious. Besides, they may become depressed and quite sad for this reason. The confidence of victims may disappear, thus preventing them from trusting others or trying something new. Once victims are bullied, they start hesitating to take part in any situations where they may be ridiculed, including sports and public speaking. They may start having an anxious behavior too.

Despite the negative effects of bullying, there are more harsh consequences. People who are often bullied may become scared, upset, and sad because they see no way out. According to the latest reports, manty students commit suicide because they’re bullied. Other victims decide to seek their revenge in serious violent acts against bullies. As a result, people lose the ability to trust and love, thus losing a chance to have quality relationships in the future. Some of them may become submissive partners, while others decide to be alone. Consider these problems in your essay on bullying because many victims have different eating disorders, start to self-injure, and require their extensive counseling. Its social form leaves victims with no supportive friends.

Another negative effect of bullying is that it’s cyclical. People who are bullied become bullies because they want to gain their self-esteem and power back. If bullies aren’t stopped or confronted in the future, they may become child abusers and manipulative bosses. In addition to these long-term effects, people can feel some of its negative consequences at once. When children bully others, their victims start crying, but other effects are not so obvious. Unwanted results may appear over time and damage people in a number of possible ways. There are so many harsh effects caused by bullying that are hard to predict and count, and that’s why it should be stopped.

Writing Your Paper on Bullying

To submit a winning draft, use your concerned and serious attitude because this topic is quite sensitive. You require a dedicated approach or point of view in addition to a clear writing plan.

  1. Start strong. Your essay introduction should explain how you feel about bullying. When you start with a section that expresses how it impacts victims, readers are prepared to learn more.
  2. Give a clear message in the main body. Make this paper engaging by including the experiences of real victims and the stories of their lives.
  3. Avoid being harsh. You shouldn’t judge bullies whether you’re writing this assignment to evoke feelings in readers or express your emotions.
  4. Suggest effective actions in the essay conclusion and keep your language empathetic.
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